Ain't Done Yet Music

'Ain't Done Yet' is an all acoustic music trio that plays string band music from the 1830's up to some of todays most contemporary artists. They have no musical stylistic boundaries, although one song may be bluegrass, the next one may be from the Decemberist's. They have drawn from Jimmie Rodgers and the Louvin Brothers to Bob Dylan and the Indigo Girls. Occasionally they will slip in a sea shanty from the Beach Boys, to a tune from Pink Floyd. They're not afraid to voice a song completely different from the original popular arrangement. One example is a Sam Cooke blues tune they do with banjo, guitar and harmonica.

Don Crigler and Chris Turner handle the vocals, guitars, banjo and harmonica's with Kat Turner on acoustic bass.

Contact Info:
Cell phone - Don Crigler (540) 550-5773
Cell phone - Chris Turner (540) 305-4958
Email -

$55.00 / hr. with a 2 hour minimum booking.
The rates above include a full sound system for any size venue, but they can also do a completely acoustic show if the venue is intimate enough.